1. Dr. Oz I like you and your show very much . I dislike about those people who gave you bad comments . I find they are very cruel!! So I would like to screw them who commented very bad about you. I really admire you. I feel you are such a great dad and grand father. God Bless you. Keep up the good show. I am commenting this from Calgary, Canadqa

  2. On your segment true crime, that picture looks nothing like that black man. That's how mistaken identity occurs. He looks like some regular guy, not the killer. Luckily, the dna was the reason because otherwise, some way, the police could arrest any black man and say it's him. I didn't like that portion because yall acted like those faces were a perfect match. No! It was about 80% wrong. But I liked her dna search method.

  3. My morning fat burning workout is 10-30 minutes of fasted cardio followed up with a cold shower. Gets you shredded and makes you feel amazing to start the day.

  4. since I was 15 your tv show and videos and your book you on a diet * Inspires and Motivate me to eat healthy and workout , simply life healthy …. thank you

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