1. Omg I am so thankful mother of 2 under the age of 6 between soccer practice school and a full time job cooking and cleaning I can take 30 minutes to myself and get a great workout xoxo #thankyou

  2. This was a really good workout to get me back on track after a weekend of no exercise. This is the fourth workout I've completed & I already feel stronger. Thank you POPSUGAR Fitness!

  3. I think this video helped me start my fitness journey. Thank you, after doing this I realized I do have the strength and confidence to work out for a better version of myself. Thank You!!

  4. Challenging! It was a great mix of floor and standing! 💪🏾 I most definitely feel my abs 👍🏾
    Lol when Massy said pasta, she’s knows me too well.

  5. I do not enjoy those London Bridges but I guess thats exactly why I need to do them! I feel like this workout hits all the right areas as much as possible in 30'. Maybe not fun but it is effective.

  6. I liked the trainers style. Not overly loud and peppy. But workout itself not my thing. Hate a lot of core work and having to go up and down is offputting.

    But I will look for other workouts from this trainer.

  7. Trainer is AWESOME! Seriously. She looks so graceful doing these moves. This workout was challenging, but it wasn't hard. Just a perfect way to tone your abs.

  8. You don’t have to do that all it matters is that you have love trust and life love you all if you are haters of fat people back of there my family every one is even god by the way I’m trying real hard to burn calories

  9. Added to one of my favorite workouts! Absolutely love Massy! Bring her back for more! Reppin for the latinos! Love it! <3

  10. yayyy! this is the first popsugar fitness workout ive finished without pausing or quitting. even though i did mostly modified versions, im still rlly proud of myself! 🙂 🙂

  11. ive been doing this three weeks trying to increase how often i do it within a week. its wonderful for a beginner who's never worked out (': i know what people are talking about now when they say they feel great after working out!! thanks you guys, i love the energy of u three!!

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