1. This is my first time doing this workout. I had to modify a bit more than usual, especially for those donkey kicks. Despite that I got a great sweat & can't wait to try it again!

  2. Can I give you one suggestion? Maybe next time you could speak a little slower? Most of the time I couldn't understand what you were saying, it felt a little bit as if you were on a hurry
    As for the rest the workout was amazing, I had sometimes to make the modifications but maybe next time I will be able to complete it without using them!
    Thank you!!

  3. This is the worst video I've done so far from this channel. Everyone if all over the place and the instructor is not even with the group half the time. Very frustrating. Couldn't even get through the whole thing.

  4. Woah this is definitely hard but I really struggled through the transitions not knowing what was coming next and trying to catch up and only doing half a move properly. Also really hard on the knees. Also I had no idea what a "plyo" move actually means.

  5. What an AMAZING workout!!! I gargled my heart and sweat out all the frustration. I hope there are more workouts like this in the future.

  6. I thought I was gonna die. Amazing workout, while doing it I was sweating all the time. Really looking forward to the moment when I will be able to do it without making a pause.

  7. Have done this a couple of times and it's a tough, sweaty workout, best if you have no knee issues though there are modifications. Remind me why I went for it first thing Monday before work haha…?!

  8. The instructor yells the entire time. I had to lower the volume then mute entirely rely on captioning. Also her moving out of place so often and the high fiving I know is meant to show energy and be motivating but means I cant watch her for instruction and is a big distraction.

  9. My parents probably hear me breathing heavily and start questioning what I’m doing in my room at night but it’s fine because I’m gonna get jACKED 🙌😩

  10. What a crazy routine that the instructor can’t do herself but she found those super fit 19-year olds and she prepared a super-psycho routine for those who want to get heart failure.. Ana, I’m sure she’s deeply regretting that she had joined. The teacher is not working out only talking, Ana can’t keep up ….strength is cardio so it’s 30 minutes mad cardio. Only one water break with this intensity?! The most stupid routine on popsugar and I believe it’s dangerous as there are not enough breaks. I’m a qualified personal trainer. My advice: stay away from that workout

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