1. 1. Energize, Pre workout stimulant, food or supplement, idea is to get you motivated and blood flowing.

    2. Anti estrogen, again many options from food or supplements.

    3. Sleep.

    Eat your protein and vitamins if you can.

  2. I’m not that close to my genetic potential due to my age but I play hockey so would supplements make me able to train more and get better faster?

  3. I love ya alpha but not a big fan of supplements I come from a poor country and we eat clean foods no processed foods and man I can show u some monsters who use car rotors to work out all they do is eat and that’s it man Americans love to take a magical pill to make them feel better lol just eat guys this crap does nothing butt make zits and pimples on ur face

  4. Dear brother,
    I’m suffering from an allergy ,I can only eat chicken and seafood.i need to know whether carnivor mass beef protein supplement causes an allergy? Can u give me a quick Answer?

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