1. I have actually implemented this particular “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a couple of days by now and the effects are astounding. I still have the power I need without having controlling the appetite without having making me really feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my diet program and I still find a way to burned my unwanted weight to 7 pounds. .

  2. We actually have fasting in Islam religion
    2 days a week + 3 days in middle of the month
    1 month every year
    That regular our bodies heath
    And our hearts to .
    Plus we get rewards from that in here after.

    Such wonderful religion Alhamdullah

  3. Honestly I did intermittent fasting for about 3 months and lost almost 40 pounds. But I definitely didn't go for two days without eating while lifting heavy weights til my muscles were close to failure. That sounds pretty damn dangerous. Lol but all these diets and exercise machines and this and that and the most obvious, simple answer is the best way to get in great shape: Dont friggin eat shit food, dont eat close to as often, and work out hard. I hate people arguing about what's right and what's wrong and they're working out wrong and your body can only absorb 20 grams of protein a meal. Shut up and just work out hard ,dont eat so often and when you do eat right. That's it. Brilliant idea I'm telling you.

  4. Can someone please help me I don’t exactly understand this I should be having 60 G of fat
    118 G of protein and 84 G of carbohydrates a day, can someone tell me how to break my keto fast

  5. Hello,

    I have a question, I am fasting 24 hours and slowly progressing to 48, I come out of work at 4pm so I do weight lifting at home at around 4:30pm. My question is: do I eat my one meal before I work out ? Or after? I know I pick my time to eat my one meal but I’m curious to know if working out in an empty stomach is best and then eat a healthy meal after is best or do I eat a few hours before I workout? Also, would drinking a whey shake after working out not be the best thing to do when trying to loose weight? You just have so many videos and one tells you to take whey shake when trying to loose weight and this one tells you not too, please reach out to me and help me I have lost 20 of my 40 pounds needed but I feel like I am at a stop and need help to push out the last 20 pounds.


  6. Training fasted is super stupid. You can't even push yourself because you are so drained. Also if you don't eat right after a workout, you don't feed the muscles. Plus the extra low blood sugar makes you a zombie.

  7. After I had discovered this weight loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” via Google, I felt thrilled to test it instantly. This has provided me thrills. My own close friend lost 10 pounds after this kind of fat loss program, I really recommend you browse Google to find out how. .

  8. I am an endomorph and want to try intermittent fasting. I naturally do it quite often because I never feel hungry until the evening but if I don’t have anything by then, my blood sugar gets so low that I shake and feel nauseas and dizzy. There are several diabetics in my family so it’s a concern. How would my body cope with fasting for 36 or 48 hours? Is anyone able to give me any tips please.

  9. My joy to test “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) fat loss plan is at all time high. My very own diet plan and my consistency of several exercises was not modified as well as change. In just a short period of 30 days, I actually dropped 6 lbs. With this this process, I did observe that I consumed food less and filled up quicker. .

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