1. Not the type to write comments like this, but I've been watching Lucy's videos and today marks the 100th day of me following along with a variety of her 7-min workouts and ab exercises in my own little makeshift routine. I've never been great at motivating myself but Lucy's videos make working out SO MUCH easier and vastly less intimidating. Thanks, Lucy, I wouldn't have made it here without you and your simple-yet-effective videos. Here's to 100 more days of working out!

  2. Lucy I just have one question u have posted many exercise videos I'm rather confused as to follow what video should I do all or should I just stick to one or 2 videos pls give me an immediate and positive reply its because I love ur exercises a lot with ur positive words psl give me a reply soon

  3. Thank you so much, Lucy! LOVE how you constantly change the moves every few seconds. Got in over 1100 steps on this one and it went by so fast that I did your other step workout as well for a total of a little over 2300 steps!! You are THE BEST!!! THANK YOU!!🤗😘🤗😘💐🥇

  4. Hi Lucy. I have been carrying out some of your 7 minute workouts for 6 months and am so happy with the results. I have lost 24 pounds and 4 inches around my belly and chest … thank you so much. I would like to take the toning a step further though, do you have any exercises with resistance bands or gentle weights? Thanks again

  5. Love your workouts! Thank you! Please could you make your timer larger? I have bad eyesight but really like to see how much time is left, especially if I don't have sound on.

  6. Thank you Lucy. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I love these walk at home workouts. They help me to get my 20-30minutes walk first thing in the morning, then I have peace of mind even if i don't get to go outdoors for a walk. Thank you, you are doing a great job and I'm here for it 😊xx

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