1. Oh, going to have to troll you! At about 3:11 you are in a 3 piece suit and the jacket is buttoned. Knowing that rules are meant to be broken, is it not the rule to always keep the jacket unbuttoned when wearing a vest.

  2. Ur a positive tool. U talk with us and not at us. Plus, when u say 'I' it's pointing to what's possible to the viewer. Im going 2 Make myself walk each day… Thank you K.

  3. When you say your Dad and uncles dies early, is it heart attacks?
    Arteriosclerosis is very much genetic and also easy to diagnose with at effort ECG.
    Friend actually got a wake up call a few months ago participating at a marathon.
    He got a stent and it fine. However, nothing showed up in his blood work which were all ideal.
    There are many solutions but make sure you are checked up yearly.

  4. I learned everything I know about fitness from the last natural. Best fitness channel you will ever watch. I learned more from a five minute video than if I had bought the kinobody program.

  5. This is great man! I'm really happy your'e enjoying getting strong,it's one of the best feelings. I was nervous for a second when I saw the fitness component (too much TMF in my feed). I really enjoy the path you took in the video and how you handled in information. I have been following a program from Renaissance Periodization and its great. I'm not one to tell people what they should do so I'll just make a kind suggestion. Most evidence based nutrition pros say the BCAAs are waste of your time and money. I'd recommend checking out Alan Aragon(Instagram), Martin MacDonald(Instagram), and Jeff Nippard(YouTube & Instagram). All the best!!

  6. Thanks for this! I need to get back to the gym. My problem is I absolutely despise going alone. But I’m at a place in my life where it can’t matter anymore.

  7. You're going to love your first year of training because I certainly am. Personally, I make my own programs based off AthleanX, scientific journals and other YouTube videos. I've found great success through it because my bench, squat and deadlift have improved a lot. My 1 rep max for my bench is 200 lb, squat 315 lb and deadlift 350 lb. If you want to gain strength on these big compounds, I would recommend high sets and low reps with 2 – 3 min rest times. Best of luck!

  8. i've been through that thing for about 6 month back when i was in college, grinding consistenly but when im entered the clinical clerckship, everything messed up ,
    now by watching your video, i kinda like to start again, keep up the good work man 👌

  9. Nice. Yeah its hard for us to really notice anything being tall and slim. I've gained almost 20 pounds so far on my program and people think I'm lying cause tall+ skinny. Won't probably be noticeable by my friends till maybe 30-40.

  10. Working out it like a hidden drug that you don't find out about until you try it. Most people are turned off by it because of the physical exertion, but it feels surprisingly good to push yourself. Awesome to hear you're on this path.

  11. Your before pics look almost exactly like me. It took me four years to get from 150 to 220 and actually look and feel big. It's a long, long journey for tall and lanky guys like us. Still worth it though.

  12. Keep it up I know you can do it I'm still doing great I kept 134 lb off for 5 months now I'm getting stronger and trying to build more muscle I used to weigh 311 lb

  13. I'm 55 years old John, and do High Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIIRT), and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for cardio. Walking on rest days burns an enormous amount of fat over time. I do powerlifting movements (ass to grass squats), deadlifts and bench press, along with bodybuilding movements for the smaller muscle groups. All that said, WALKING is pure gold for fat loss It burns a surprisingly high number of calories for the moderate effort required. It helps with muscle repair and is good for muscle repair and keeps your digestive tract working at it's best. Walking also helps keep your blood sugar levels in check, which makes your diet much easier. You're doing phenomenal John!!!!!!! I have the same genetics as you unfortunately…through my fathers side of the family. However, the benefits of exercise and good diet and keeping a good body composition (lean waist) and body mass, are piling on year by year as more research is being done on the effects of a good diet, exercise — strength training in particular, and keeping a good overall body comp. Just because there may or may not be a bullet in the chamber genetics wise….doesn't mean you have to ever fire the gun. HIIT cardio has tremendous effects on heart health that exceed the benefits of steady state running by quite a stretch. Resistance training is really coming to the forefront as one of the leading forms of exercise that protect and strengthen the heart. This was just great to watch tonight. Good going my friend….that's just great.

  14. Be careful with that tennis elbow. curling too much can hurt that tendon for a long time. I had to quit lifting weights for a year when I developed a really bad case of tendinitis. Don't over do it.

  15. We only 7 years apart. That’s pretty cool . Not a big fan of creatine. Only supplement I take is protein. Asked my doc about multi vitemans and fish oil and he said I didn’t need those. Several have told me not to take them. Kinda shocking to me

  16. Bravo to you, Jon! I cannot agree more with working out in the morning. I was really sententary for years. then started doing the 7-minute workout every morning. You feel great after exercising. Appreciate all the recommendations! Thanks, bro!

  17. I've been a Subscriber for a while and I am loving the variety you're adding to the channel. You have a fun an interesting personality, which is great to have now that your branching out more. I am loving it. keep up the hard work.

  18. I'm a believer of being in control of your body. So, I've always felt being able to do pull ups with various grips widths and hand conditions is important. I've been able to do then by using a 35# weight between my legs with 3-4 sets of 6-8. Doing dips is great for the triceps, and that's helpful too, along with pull downs, but only toward the front and NEVER do pull downs behind your head. Just my take, but it's a great feeling knowing you can control your own body weight, and it helps give you more of a V shape.
    Most people can barely do a few pull ups, but they don't condition themselves well enough beforehand to do them.

  19. Slowly getting back to my running routine after weeks dealing with a back injury, it's quite refreshing to hear a runner's perspective on potential weight lifting components so thank you. Also, very interested in hearing about your visit to Morocco since I'm going this year.

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