1. You have no idea what your talking about my sister had to take both her teens out of school because their grades were getting worse as well as their personalities and the influences. She took them out and home schooled them. Got their grades way up from d s to A. Now they both went to top colleges UCLA got their masters and other going for phd as dr. So please don't yell at your children for getting bad grades tKe them out of these schools and get a teacher if your not capable of teaching. Make a winner of your child care more and be more attentive. Don't nag. Just get them a good tutor that they feel comfortable with

  2. Nothing like a girl who clearly does not lift weights showing other people how to lift weights. Her figure is because of her youth… it has nothing to do with the exercises shown in this video. The weights are too light to make any sort of physique difference.

    And the classic narrator comment about "be careful not to lift too much so you don't look like a bodybuilder" … roflmao.

    The kid is holding a 2 lb weight … 5 pounds at best. I lift more than 225 lb. Are you telling me to be careful? Hmmmmm. Interesting.

    And while exercise form in this video is just riddled with errors…. number 3 bicep curls takes the Cake..

    You don't lock out at the bottom and the top of a bicep curl .. and you don't practically swing the weight. Do a rhythmic count going down and a slow rhythmic count going up … and keep the tension .. muscle tight .. at both the bottom and the top of the movement.

    This entire video is swinging light weights around … Hyper extending chest muscles… Overall Bad form … Shown by a kid who doesn't lift weights … so is it really a surprise? Nooooo.

  3. There are serious issues with this video. First of all, you can't choose to get slim parts like arms or legs, you can only become slim overall. 80% of that is based on diet, not exercise

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