1. I just discovered you and just wanted to say you are officially my favorite fitness youtuber! I love your positive encouragement during the workouts, it really does help me push through what I thought was too hard! Subbed ♥

  2. You are amazing! I didn't think that ten minutes workout would do much to me, but my abs are burning after that!!!! Love what you do!!!

  3. So I did another abs workout the day before yesterday. Then i did this one last night. I did not realize how sore my abs were from doing the ab roller exercise on the gym ball…😳😳…and I LOVED IT!!…if it doesn't hurt (a lil bit), then it doesn't work. That's MY motivation!!!…I am seeing results and losing weight! To get maximum benefits, I do two sets. Thanks so much. I have lost nearly 10 lbs in a two week period. GOALS!!…😎😎🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️

  4. These workouts are so great and encouraging! You have such a positive attitude that I absolutely love! I’ve been going through some of the hardest months of my life lately, and this positive workout video made my day! Thank you for everything! Much ❤️

  5. I just wanted to thank you for these videos. I've been working so hard to improve my overall quality of life and your videos have really helped me to take control of my weight. I feel stronger now than I have in the past and I'm noticing a difference in my appearance.
    You're awesome ❤

  6. Me and my friend did this work out a a few others from this channel today and yesturday so much fun fell better doing it distracts me from stress at school thankyou so much we both love ur video's

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