1. I will start today (22/07/2019) and do an update after 3 weeks
    See y'all later

    (also, i'm not planing to do the last workout but… let's see)

  2. Guys i started the challenge 3 days ago and results are starting to show
    I will upload the video on my channel after 2 weeks…so hit my notif bell for the post❤

  3. So I'm watching this right after doing a 20mins cardio workout and chloe ting's abs workout wow! I feel so much more motivated 😂

    Been working out for about week btw i hella love how my belly button looks rn!

  4. It's scientifically proven that sweating doesn't help u lose weight or "get rid of the toxins in ur body"

    I recently read an article about it

  5. I've been doing chloe tings workout videos for 4 days and not only have I seen no results but my whole body gets rly shakey when I work out…still going tho

  6. Depending on how many likes I get I’ll workout for every like. Ps: I’m like super chubby and too lazy to find motivation elsewhere and it’s 3 am and that’s when all bad decisions happen anyways 😂😂😔😔

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