1. I'm definitely going to be doing this! Thank you so much for the tips! I can't afford to go to the gym, but doing these at home workouts everyday along with going on hour walks except for the weekends is seriously going to help! Thank you so much again!

  2. I'm bout 5ft 230lbs ???? started working out off n on at home at the beginning of this month (april), but been more serious about it for 2 weeks , still working on my eating . My first goal is 200lbs. I want to start fresh and be more serious in May. This my trial month ????

  3. Currently going through so much shit and needed something to inspire and motivate me, imma start working out now and getting my schoolwork done, thank you bbg????????????????????

  4. 1 jumping Jack's
    2 highknees
    3 squat jump
    4 but kicks
    5 Bear crawl jump
    6 long jump run back
    7 burppe
    8 mountain climbers

  5. Tu contenidoom es pura mentira mereses no solo la muerte maldita ojala te reviwnten o te corten la oreja una y otra ver cada ves que los agagss

  6. I prefer working out at home.. do you feel that home workouts and gym workouts are the same or do you think one is more effective than the other?

  7. Could I get a proper list of everything and the reps you're doing (did) cuz this seems to really work based on these comments and I really wanna try

  8. I I'm trying to lose weight and as a young teen hopefully this will work and I love how happy and fun you make your videos hopefully I could lose a lot of weight

  9. I want to lose at least 10 pounds ..all I'm doing is eating crap …and it sucks ..regreating
    After 1 or 2 days of working out I just discontinue. .I need motivation ????

  10. ????????????At home workout????????????
    – jumping jacks- three sets of 15
    – high knees- three sets of 15
    – jump squats- three sets of 10
    – butt kicks- three sets of 20
    bear crawl jumps three sets of 5
    -long jump run backs-three sets of 10
    – burpees- three sets of 5
    – mountain climbers- three sets of 10
    – pushups – three sets of 10

    – i did add the pushups but i thought you couldn’t go wrong-
    This is what i came up with from the video like she said you can customize it how it fits you but this is what i am going to do and probably build up from there. This was a great video and i hope this will help

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