1. Happy to be here so soon! Watched till end 🙂 good video as usual, real motivation and mentor too me. Thanks so much for your consistent support! Nice exercises never tried the ab wheel rollout b4. Peace

  2. Hey, I know this probably isn't the right place to ask but where did you get your teleprompter? I made a higher quality video on my Channel but the fact that I'm looking off camera was pretty distracting,… Just wondering if you have recommendations

  3. Great exercises! In place of or sometimes along with weight for the ab roll outs. I'm lucky to have a ramp right outside the office for handicap accessibility so we do the ab rolls up and down the hill when they get easy. Also do you do any overhead carries for abs?

  4. The fact that you actually said that people have to lose belly fat to see the abs…was kinda funny!!! I had to laugh out loud!!! I need to lose LOWER belly fat for real!!! And without cool sculpting. I have an ab wheel that I don't use, cause ab wheel rollouts are hard!!! So maybe I'll add them back in. Also, I do the leg raises on the roman chair. I think it's time to add ankle weights though. I also do seated crunches, 50 lbs, trying to get up to 70 lbs. My upper abs look pretty decent…could be better. But those lower abs…

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