1. Although I don't know what the deal is with your green juice product 😳, I have to tell you that you TREMENDOUSLY HELPED ME with my blood pressure! You gave me more info than even the cardiologist I saw!!!

  2. Thomas my brother, can you make a video about what the correlation is between muscle & strength?

    I’ve noticed I sometimes fluctuate up and down with muscle amount, but my strength is fairly linear in going up (assuming I’m staying consistent with training).

    Haven’t found much reading available on this on the Net.

    Thanks mate!

  3. The recommendation to limit fruit intake based on the study cited is wrongheaded and a bit disingenuous. The study looked at pure fructose which could only occur in fruit as a highly processed, pasteurized juice. I agree the drinking fructose alone is not good for anyone, but you cannot make the intellectual leap to all fruit from the study's findings, The study did not test glucose against fruit in its primary raw form i.e. whole. No raw fruit is wholly fructose and in fact contains numerous vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, and fiber that would aid in fat loss. Also, eating whole fruit does not cause the same insulin activity as drinking processed liquid fructose (juice). At a time when the average person is lacking in daily requirements for numerous vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber, your recommendation against fruit is incorrect This point deserves an asterisk as you are for the sake of argument comparing apples to orange, per the comparison of liquid fructose (processed juice) to whole raw fruit.

  4. Protein ,veggie,fruit,carb,oil
    What the best percentage in each category in ur diet?

    Pls share us ur weekly work out ,grocery F&B shopping,health and beauty supplement intake


  5. Well, im pleased i never got into alcohol. When i was younger, i had a little drink with friends……as u do. Only problem was…..i just didnt enjoy it. I dont like doing things i dont enjoy…..especially just to be social. I had 1 bad experience, then just had enough. I decided not to touch it and 23 years later, i have not had a single drop. Not even at a wedding, only water to celebrate. Mind you, i do remember when i had been 5 years in, i remember a toast at a wedding. I put water in glass to pretend and just as i went to drink it, i noticed a large fly in the water. I take it the fly quit drinking too. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Beer is the one thing holding back nutrition. Down to one pint a night, two pints a night on saturday and sunday but I always have the temptation to drink more. What gets me through is reminding myself of my goals for fitness.

  7. I don't like fasted cardio because I feel low energy and dragging myself. I like 3 hours after a good breakfast. Pro athletes wouldn't compete fasted they would eat a proper meal about 4-5 hours before a game then probably some fruit or an energy tube an hour before competing.

  8. What i like about you Thomas is you always do your homework and research the facts for your videos.Your videos are very informative and fun to watch.Plus you keep it 100.That's what i like about your channel.Keep us inform.Greetings from Toronto Canada.

  9. Hey Thomas , I have an idea for a future video- how different cooking methods effect the stability/ nutritional value of foods. For example, frying, baking, steaming food does this… does that…. and how will it affect our health? I know any method involving water absorbs water soluble minerals so foods containing them become devalued. Obviously you're more educated and i just thought it'd be an interesting video . Who else agrees??

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