1. Frankly elevated heel is at best needed for competitive olympic lifting where the deeper you go is important because you just can't lift those weights high enough with the upper body in the lifting phase. So you need to go deeper. For the average Joe looking to do squats at the gym, a flat sole or ideally barefoot is best for that neuro activation as well

  2. Im looking to buy my first pair of weightlifting shoes, im from aus and dont wanna spend to much. I mainly wanna use them for squats (higher heel position to achieve a deeper position), deadlift I go barefoot. The powerlift looks like the heel position isnt that high. Any thoughts?

  3. I love my black Inov-8 Fastlifts. They look amazing for the price and the fit and quality is faultless. Granted they're my first lifting shoes but I'm very happy I went for them over the slightly cheaper (and butt ugly imo) Powerlifts or the significantly more expensive Adipowers or Romaleos.

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