1. You guys got #1 right no question. Look at the research and ingredients, doses, etc and there's no way around the facts that this does so much. Incredible formula and from a brand I actually trust. ❤ Nutrabio nailed it. 👌

  2. In regards to regular Ghost Legend, one scoop is a great energy drink replacement if you can go without the carbonation.

    $1 per scoop vs $2 to $3 for an energy drink & Legend has more benefits.

  3. Great vid. Just bought a lot of SR beta alanine on prime day… I could load 6.4 g's comfortably but what are the so called benefits besides padding the pockets of supplement companies by going through my BA quicker lol

  4. Ghost V3 I would use exclusively. I'm starting to be more like Ben and get into powerlifting so having that product from my favorite Supp company would just be amazing

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