1. Hey man, in this workout I'm going to give you an awesome workout you can do at 50+ using only dumbbells. Comment below and let me know what you think of the routine!

  2. Any opinions on Boron supplements?? 63. Down from 310 to 220 on keto. Potassium and magnesium have really helped blood pressure as much as weight loss. After 60 lbs cleaned up keto and lifting has really helped.

  3. If you can, try incorporating most of the moves into one total rep. Example: squat, row, curl, military press, triceps extension…all in the rep without putting down the weights. A.k.a. "manmaker" drill.

  4. Hello Gary my name is Manny I'm new subscriber to your YT channel I hope all is well with you Thank you for this video I'm turning 50 now in November I played high school ball back in the 80's 2 sports baseball and basketball I've stayed in decent shape through 90's and 00's but I'm noticing my skin after i work out is not staying tight around the muscle What do you recommend please Thank you Best Wishes Always πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

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