1. i honestly don't know why anyone would give this a thumbs down; men love it for obvious reasons and as a woman i appreciate these awesome real time workouts and of course the motivation!

  2. yes i´ve only watched this because i want a big hot butt and not cause this girl is so freaking hot!:)

    (just kidding .. only watched cause of the awesome girl *-*)

  3. I think this would also work for guys but for my oppinion as a guy i would recommend heavyer squats (fe barbell frontsquats, backsquats, overheadsquats) and many lunges to get good calves, quads and glutes.
    But for girls this is an awsome workout! And very good explained by this female trainer!!! congrats! As I guy I would love to see more girls training like this, they would improve drasticaly without having to count every kcal.

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