1. Billy is absolutely amazing by interacting full time with class! Its seems to me that Strong Zumba has a lot of Tae Bo! Anyway, congrats and bless Billy Blanks for encouraging everyone! Am your fan!

  2. Iv been doing this since the 90s. when they had you do it at gym class. On a tiny old tv with vhs on those ugly tv carts. Iv owned many vhs and dvds. Even time I pick it back up its like I never stoped. The best work out by far!!! You wanna lose weight and work on your mucle mass, And learn some martial arts techniques well billys the man. And a little shout out to his son who is also in fitness and does pretty good to billy blanks jr.

  3. I started with the first Tae-Bo VHS boxed set in the 90’s. It was fun. I felt powerful. Got in great shape! Twenty years, arthritis and 50 pounds heavier, I came across this video, and I am encouraged to work-out again. I’m sure I’m going to have to “modify” the moves quite a bit, but I’m sure if I’m careful and listen to my body, I’ll be feeling and moving much better in no time!

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