1. It's all spoken too fast, the acoustics are echoing around the pool, the writing underneath the picture isn't in screen long enough and the music is absolutely awful. Chloe is lovely though.

  2. Video was posted in 2016 and still helping someone in 2019, thank you for uploading. I have a question, how do I prevent water entering my mouth and getting choked the moment I am turning my head and opening my mouth to catch the air (inhale)?

  3. Thanks for the very helpful tips and corrective techniques for breathing. Sometimes I suffer from other people's bad breath timing when they speak to me after they've just eaten garlic or drunk coffee! 🙂

  4. I'm so grateful for your explanation of proper breathing, tips, and encouraging attitude. I'm just getting back into swimming, after about a 20 year break focused on other sports and other things in life. I experienced a true breakthrough with my breathing timing in the pool today thanks to your advice. You put it all together with enough information for new or returning swimmers like me to really "get it" but not get overwhelmed thinking about too many things at once. The drills and tips will help me really dial it in over time. Thanks so much!

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