1. I wonder what Mr. Lee would say about this video today if he was alive Haha and his impersonation…. it be fucking crazy if he would come out in the movie.. like after the fight against Pitt, zoom in on Bruce Lee's face and him just noughting like.. hmm okay

  2. My usual workout: 1. slowly sit in my couch 2. do a dynamic series of left clicks, then some right-left clicks in quick succession, 3. watch Mike Moh's training session to focus on what I will never be able to do 4. go to eat something.

  3. No matter how good he is…I don't see the legendary, humble, spiritual, super talented Mr Lee in him! Just nopes!
    Just coz he can pull off stunts???
    Mr Bruce was on a supreme level!
    Not fair…..

  4. Magnificent skills 👌👍 😊. Brilliant style. Only Bruce Lee train to continue the fighting? Sad 😔 his son 😢💔 not around to continue. Now the daughter of Mr Bruce Lee and Brother. Lots of respect for the family. Chinese culture.

  5. What for Jokes …NOBODY EVER WAS or EVEN BEEING ON THE UN-HUMAN LEVEL OF ((((BRUCE LEE)))) No Human can Reach Bruce Lee's Level …i dont Talk about Lycrics of Meaning Martial Arts…i mean the Poor MIGHTY POWER and SPEED of BRUCE LEE was never Reached Before and After Ever !!!! Bruce Lee's fists had a Top Speed of 568mph…Chainsaw Punches 13 per Second …….and a Completly Straight Kick Genarated more than 4000+lbs ….and he can Kick over 6 Times per second from ground to the Head!!!! Bruce Allmighty!!!! Fuck Homo Pitt and Haribo Face Di Caprio!!!

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