1. I love this info….!!! My husband is really cycling hard lately and he is finding that he has crazy energy and not bonking. This info proves his suspicions of what is happening in his body.

  2. Let me just say, I was high carb vegan for 6.5 years and yes high carb worked very well for me in the beginning but damn 5 years in, my body just wasn’t responding anymore. I retained fat no matter how much IF and clean wholesome carbs, lowest fat possible, even at a calorie deficit, that I did, it just wasn’t working. Maybe that’s the difference between being 23 and 28 , I’m not sure, but I’m saying…. VEGAN Keto gives me workouts that are so steady, endurance out of nowhere, and a lean body that reflects my consistency. Along with the deepest sleep of my life lol thank you Thomas for all your content.💚

  3. Vo2 max probably will drop as carbs are always a powerful source of energy and loved by type 2 fast twitch fibers. After a long while the body can utilize fat quicker, but never on the level of carbs for explosive or powerful energy. Sprinting raises you Vo2 max whilst LISS/jogging won't. But you can't really sprint with fat, you'll always be stuck giving 40-50% of your all.

  4. Thanks for the great info! I was just wondering, what’s the evidence available that shows it takes 6 weeks for your body to become better fat adapted? Has there been any research to prove this point? Is there any research which shows that the body REALLY becomes more efficient in utilizing fat if you stick with a keto for a longer period? Because you didn’t seem to mention it in the video. Would love to read up more on it!

  5. I am knew to keto, so I am wondering if you are not supposed to snack between meals then when do you eat the f-bomb? If you are out runningand then you have a snack while you are running wouldn't that take you out of your fast?

  6. My endurance is ass when I don't have a decent amount of carbs. When I have a lot of carbs in my diet I've ran 7 miles in 53 minutes before. On a strict keto diet I can only run 4 miles in 32 minutes.

  7. Since our bodies utilize fat during aerobic activities, when in ketosis wouldn't C8 MCTs be the best possible fuel since it skips lipolysis and goes straight into the liver to produce ketones, and therefore energy? I would think that someone doing a marathon in ketosis would be drinking water with electrolytes and C8 MCTs with small amounts of glucose/fructose to maintain performance more so than a product like macadamia butter that first needs to undergo lipolysis?

  8. I did the Gate River Run 15k today. This is my first run on this diet. A few differences to note. One, I felt like I pissed out all my minerals when I stopped at the 3 mile marker. Went from feeling great to feeling kinda bla. That was the only negative. Biggest positive is that in spite of feeling like I lost minerals at my piss break, I didn't cramp once. Aside from 2016, every year I run this race my calves cramp badly while running the green monster (look up the gate River run Jacksonville FL if you want to know what that is). Not cramping and not having to stop was a big deal. The other positive is recovery afterwards. I'm hurting, but not as bad as usual. I feel like I am a day ahead of schedule. If you are a runner and considering Keto, I highly recommend it. Even if only long enough to become properly fat adapted

  9. I know this video is older, but I'm hoping you still answer questions…
    I just started keto a couple of weeks ago. I do cardio in the morning (3:30am for about an hour) …and lift in the afternoon (4:30pm I like to lift heavy). Is it possible to put on muscle and still burn fat? I have about 20 lbs to lose but I would really like to at a minimum maintain my muscle.
    Thanks, Jessica *former NPC figure competitor who had a baby at 43 …and ate too much!😖

  10. Hi Tom, I have a question for you:
    I have been following an intermittent fasting lifestyle (20-4) for a couple of months and I have lost a lot of weight and feel great!
    I’m also doing cardio (bicycle) and I bike in the morning while fasting. I’m feeling great and I don’t feel weak at all, even after riding for a few hours while fasting!! (I obviously drink a lot of water)!!!.
    Now that I decided to train for a half ironman (70.3), my trainer is telling me that it is CRAZY to train while fasting…
    My question for you is:
    What should I eat (or drink) in the morning during my training, if I’m actually breaking the fast (since my last meal of the day is usually around 4-5 pm?
    Do you think it is crazy to train for an ironman (swim, bike and run) while fasting?
    What kind of food would help me boost my energy during the training, while still getting some of the benefits of intermittent fasting (something that would not raise my insulin that much…)?

  11. 👍Very clever…I love seeing your commercials/Ads before watching one of your videos. I want to know what happened to all of the beautiful veggies & greens used in the Ad. In my mind I believe you and Amber ate them or donated them to a homeless shelter. 🤗💞🤗

  12. Hi! I'm doing a 45K cross country skiing race in a month.

    All previous endurance races I've done have been on carbs (eating oats is kind of a religion in Sweden). However, since a few months back I am now fat adapted. Most days I do intermittent fasting and I do shorter bursts of keto.

    What other foods do you recommend to carry in your pocket? They need to be 1. small 2. not crumble and risk small pieces irritating (so hazelnuts are out, but macadamia would perhaps work) and most important: it should taste good.

    Your friendly sponsor seems nice but with customs and shipping I can't rely on a shipment to arrive for my final training weekends.

  13. Also, if we know that high volume, medium intensity, small rest periods stimulate more testosterone production, then would it make sense to do 5-15 reps when weight training? However, doesn't ketosis not work well with that training since it requires glucose? I know that ketosis works well with steady state cardio because it uses fat oxidation and the first 5 reps of strength training because it uses creatine-phosphate, but I am a little confused how testosterone can be maximized when training with keto, since keto does not provide much fuel source for the exercises that promote testosterone growth and muscle size, especially for a young adult who is trying to build as much muscle size as possible, while minimizing fat.

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