1. Hilarious Shirt. Love it 👍👏😊.
    Oatmeal #1 Heart Healthy Indeed. I Love Oatmeal. Such a Beautiful Path. I always enjoy the Little Critters along the way. And the Beautiful Foliage. Lainey, I'm definitely going to have to purchase a instant pot. Mmmmmmmmmmm 👍♥️
    Those Carrot Hot Dogs look Delicious. I've got a Air Fryer. Thank you so very much for sharing this neat recipe. Your food always gets me so hungry when I watch your meals. Yum😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
    Love you Lainey. Love Tamson ♥️😇

  2. Wait…. Halloween?? Talk about uncreative management. Now that's my kinda dog🥕 😉 I gotta make 'em!!😋Sorry to hear about your grandbaby – hope she is so much better today xo❤️

  3. Oh my gosh! Carrot dogs! So interesting. Not sure I will try but we shall see. You take great walks. My granddaughter also had the same thing happen. Very frightening but she is fine now. Pray all good for your granddaughter. Hope you get to go to Salem. Would really enjoy a trolley tour. Hot here too!

  4. Beautiful place to walk. Seems like all our trails here are out in full sun, and it’s just too hot! I’m going to follow your suggestion and start eating some oatmeal. I’m not an egg fan, so it’s a good breakfast option for me. Happy to say I went down 3.4 lbs this week! 2 to go to 80 lbs. woo hoo!

  5. Those carrot dogs look interesting…
    Question-I think you have 0 points for your hummus if I saw that correctly-do you make your own with Greek yogurt?
    Your poor granddaughter-I hope she is ok!

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