1. Maaan You remind me so much of my uncle it's unreal. He was a body builder cool and funny as hell, ex convict and everything just like you and went from huge and swole to skinny as a rail in the course of a month after being diagnosed with cancer and died at 54 years old. Much love bro

  2. See I try to tell people he got off the juice he's much smaller and can't even bench 365 and does 100 pound dumbells when he could bench over 500 on juice and do 200 lbs dumbells he did over 500 on the bench no help now he needs help with 365 just that guy Larry wheels on all kind of juice

  3. I like the idea of being healthier but you got your fans from HARDCORE LIFTS now you just making money which is smart but you no longer will leave a page in history of KALI THE RHINO MUSCLE but stay doing what you doing

  4. May be big, but he’s extremely cocky. I understand that if you’re that huge, you can be, but from a standard size person, it’s fkn annoying. Bradley Martyn isn’t cocky and he’s fkn massive. Same with Arnold, and same with Calum Von Moger. Humble dudes. Tip: the more humble you are, the more people respect you. Goes for everything, not just weight lifting/body building.

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