1. I’ve being looking for a great chest workout !! Thank you!! You give me motivation to not feel intimidated by the guys at the gym but it’s hard. Do you have tips on how not to feel intimidated ?

  2. Love this! Especially now that I switched my routine from 2 days of upper body to 3. I have a suggestion that I hope you consider, its side butt! A good side butt routine will do me good! Thanks 😁👍

  3. I know that you get comments like this often but I just want to say that your channel is incredible. So many other fitness girls on YouTube just try and sell you gymshark clothes and talk about nonsense while only showing a super short clip of them working out without much detail. You are the real deal, so passionate and knowledgeable about fitness. I’ve learned so much about lifting and bodybuilding from you whereas before I was so clueless. I love how you actually take the time to respond to comments, it really shows how dedicated you are to helping girls achieve their fitness goals. I hope when you amass a larger following you’ll still be able to remain as down to earth and helpful as you are now. So glad I found your channel love, keep up the amazing work!! Girl power 💪

  4. Love that incline chest press machine! It’s so smooth and makes it easier to have mind/muscle connection! Keep up the videos, I’ve been rotating these into my routine!

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