1. Chocolate milk has been my post-workout of choice for a couple years now….seems to be doing me just fine…as someone else commented, I add two scoops of whey to a 16oz. whole chocolate milk…tastes great and lots of protein.

  2. What drives me nuts is you recommending mc donald diet and saying some chocolate milk is terrible post workout drink… Extend lifespan with all the shit you put in your body back in the days you moron? You wanna sell those shitty supplements of yours thats it.

  3. You my dude need to shut the fuck up with your POLUMBO gut 😂😂 fucking idiotic freak clearly only knows how to improperly dose himself with gear and too much hgh…. nice fat gut you have/ had buddy. You have an era named after your SHIT GUT PHYSIQUE

  4. The protein u get in those yuck powders u can get in a can of tuna
    So save your money these supplements companies just making $$$$ on suckers who buy
    Get your protein from good old food

  5. Obviously its not healthy lol (idk why he keeps lingering on that point) but in terms of a post workout shake how is it that bad really? It's got a ton of protein it's dirt cheap it has a mix of fast and slow digesting protein it has simple sugars to spike insulin and allow for nutrient absorption and it's usually fortified with vitamins just like powders are. I mean on paper it seems like it really is a fairly good post workout drink no?

  6. Dave… this was quite the rant you can tell you really needed to get this off your chest lol!! I feel you brother!! Hate misleading articles and information for the general public SMH keep these vids coming!

  7. Dave you’re right. As a Naturopathic Dr n Nutritionist I deal with this misinformation daily. There are several other health issues with milk. Besides the mucous production and rise in CRP ( which is the beginning of most diseases) milk causes a substantial amount of plaque build up in the arteries. I’ve seen several patients ( some of them elite athletes) that do everything right except that they have been daily milk drinkers. Many of them had to have extensive chelation therapy to clear the arteries to prevent an eminent heart attack!!!

  8. When i was a teenager i drank a gallon of milk a day plus solid meals , i benched presses , dead lifted and did squats a lot, got strong and big went from 190 to a solid 280 at 6’3, today im lactose intolerant and drink only “fairlife milk” but i only drink about 12 oz after my workout, always making gains, lactose free milk is good🥛

  9. Everybody's different. Some people don't digest whey protein very well. Some people have problems digesting casien, some don't digest certain meats very well. Find out what works for you and stick with it.

  10. Supplements are the biggest scam in the industry. Heat whole food, fruit, and vegetables. That's all you need. Palumbo's full of shit and so is the entire supplement industry.

  11. The fact of the matter is if ur gonna drink milk drink regular milk not chocolate, chocolate milk is for faggots and people who can’t handle drinking something without sugar

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