1. He works hard AND smart and only does the workouts/strength exercises that translate to his style of play on the pitch. Also most likely has a very good diet. I have the same body frame as he but I'm nowhere near his level. It motivates me though that I can still be a fraction of his athleticism, with certain adjustments to my diet and workouts.

  2. puede entrenar lo k quiera. pero talento de crack nunca lo va a tener…… prefiero tener a Maradona gordo k a este ridículo flaco, pataraco y sin talento…..

  3. 👎CR7=Arogan👎 sayangnya ia gk sprti Ronaldinho yg ramah/santun/mudah senyum[walau R10 jelek]😁>bahkan dikartu merah¡ wasit, tetap senyum.😀 "Ronaldinho👏😃👍"

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