1. This morning I could no longer get my squat butt and leg press thighs in my size ten bottoms. YESSSS! I have wanted to grow more for such a long time! So we enjoy our goals and journeys and appreciate everything we have! Because in our life we are SO DAMN LUCKY !! Lots of love lainey! Let's all embrace our power strength and love of self care and achievement EVERYDAY!!

  2. Lainey,
    If I looked like you and had your lashes/brows I would go au natural everyday! ❤️I am sub 10% bf and still have a bit of cellulite. My mom is very petite and fit and she has cellulite too. Cellulite is a natural thing for women. I agree cellulite is behind us😏❤️

  3. Ha , I admit … I did chuckle at the title. 😂  But one thing is for certain in all seriousness , is that I love Lainey 's biceps  💪  but of course she knows that already. 😊 …  And was great to see a double dose from both  front & back this time , in addition to a solid workout in the beautiful sunshine.  👍😎    …  And even Roxy wanted in on the action … so that means of course its time for her own fitness video.  😂  …  But really , thanks very much for everything you did here Lainey , and I bet after this style of workout , I would feel like Bailey … and just ready to lay down for a nap.  😊  …  But yeah , you are right on the money about life being short and people need to fill it up with as much positivity as possible.  And that includes taking your advice about cellulite , which often seems like an over-dramatic issue in most cases anyway.  I did wonder how often (if you do) have smoothies , and if you ever have yogurt mixed with it ??

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