1. First I'd like to address any hater's that may have committed on here by saying this woman's doing a great job regardless of where she's going. Pf is a beginners gym if she feels she's gotten to a point where she wants a more competitive gym experience she can make decision herself. What I see is someone whose taking the time and putting in the effort to get fit and build confidence. healthy and happy.

  2. For starters don't start with planet fitness it's not a gym. Free Training Does That Make Sense? Now, clearly this women's goal is to lose weight….why is she using machines when machines are for people whom have already lost weight and are toning! If you can't even use your own body weight why are you on machines anyway? Bottom line to lose weight you have to build lean muscle mass and machines don't do that you need to utilize free weights! Now, why is it year in and year out planet fitness members look the same? Isn't the idea of going to a gym a way to accomplish a fitness goal? Everyone is built different and planet fitness isn't a gym it's a manipulation of your lack of motivation or knowledge and the ultimate goal is to keep you ignorant…they don't care about your health or fitness goals. Go to a real gym 24 Hour Fitness, Do Crossfire, Or some form of Functional Training to start…again, if you can't even move your own body weight there is absolutely no reason you should be on machines for anything other than your legs. Cardio doesn't make you lose weight but stay planet fitness ignorant and I guarantee you your going to gain it back x2! This video is irrelevant to the individual and that is the mentality of the pizza, bagel, and candy when you leave planet fitness cult. Really, pizza…bagels…candy at a gym?????

  3. I love it! Keep up the great work. Just a little advice, I definitely think you can up the weight on some of those exercises! You're strong 💪 it's amazing what the body can do.

  4. Just found you while looking up exercises at planet fitness, thank you for this! I can't wait to try these out when I go! New subbie to your channel ❤ love your videos!

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