1. Thank you for the video! I would love to see you talk about breast feeding moms (like me) and nutrition for babies and toddlers. I argue with my pediatrician about my daughter needing grains for brain development. I am trying so hard to ensure she doesn’t have any of my health problems.

  2. I've been eating carnivore for a month now. I lost 3 lbs. =/. I've been tracking my calories too and I've been averaging 1300 a day. I thought I'd see a greater loss. Oh well. Maybe month two will see better results. I like how my swelling has decreased. It's still there, but I'm not a puffer fish. The only downside so far is how easy it is to get dehydrated.

  3. Please help! I just got my bloodwork done. I have been on Carnivore diet for 1 month. I'm 66 yrs old, my cholesterol is up to 378!!! My doctor is going to recommend cholesterol medication. What do I do???? Is there anything that will bring the cholesterol levels down?

  4. Been struggling with keto for awhile now. Its not keto, it's me. Going back strong now . Been strong for over a week & for the life of me I cant get back into ketosis. I've been doing everything right. Absolutely no cheating. Could it be possible I'm not eating enuf fat?

  5. Dr. Berry. I've been following you for a while on YouTube and really love your videos. I saw one of your recent videos where you had talked about how you had recently started a HIIT exercise routine 3 days a week for around 30 minutes a day after being on the carnivore diet. Could you do a video explaining what exercises you're doing or what the routine is? I've recently started the carnivore diet and would love to have a good workout routine to go along with that. Thank you.

  6. Has anyone tested this diet with Poultry instead of beef? Just curious as to why it has to be a beef only diet. It seems that any type of fast usually works. I would like to try this but not sure if I can eat beef for a whole month.

  7. Hi Dr. Berry, I can understand why going carnivore would improve weight loss, since the carb count is close to zero. And further, and along with intermittent fasting (eating only 1-2 meals per day), would further stimulate weight loss as well as autophagy (and its benefits). But I wonder, if you're not eating any health leafy greens and other healthy vegetables, aren't you going to be deficient in vitamins? Should you supplement? Are you supplementing? If not, can you explain why this isn't necessary. I can see that you obviously look very healthy. So I suspect, you're ready to enlighten me and your other viewers/readers…

  8. I am 10 # from goal weight. I lost 35 # on Keto for 18 months. I have been carnivore the past year and have not lost an ounce on it. I do feel great but that 10# is still there. I do love carnivore. Can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I eat Meat, poultry, eggs almost no dairy just an occasional piece of cheese. Water, salt. a cup or 2 of black coffee I will stop the cheese too now. I do eat in a window no more than 6 hours a day.

  9. This hack:
    Taking notes as I watch
    What to Eat:. 1. Beef, Lamb, Goat (ruminants) 2. Eggs. 3. Butter 4. Liver and organ meats 5. Bacon 6. salt, water, coffee, tea
    How much: 1-2 big meals a day, until “comfortably stuffed”
    No sweeteners, breading, all carbohydrates
    Plenty of salt, potassium and magnesium, Keto Chow Electrolyte drops
    How long at least 1 month, up to 3 months

    So? Please confirm I think this means:
    1. No fruits, no vegetables, no grains
    2. No sugar
    3. No poultry? Pork (other than bacon)?
    4. No fish
    5. No dairy?
    6. How about heavy cream for coffee? (After all, if I shake it, it becomes butter)

  10. I have lost close to 50# over the past eleven months following Dr JasonFung’s recommendations (a ketogenic diet of around 20 grams of carbs per day and intermittent fasting). For the past few months I have been stuck about 10# from goal, dancing up and down 5#. I think going carnivore will be EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. Thank you!

  11. What do you think of “Morning complete “ drink mix advertised by Maggie Q she is an actress saw ad in my email has probiotics and probiotics etc for colon cleansing daily ?

  12. Short term Carnivore yes but no long term. Cause all Carnivores r in denial of big bunch of aldready scientificly prooven facts. Carnivores dont care about mTor, high iron, high Omega 6, high Estrogen, high AGEs, high acidity, lack of Vit C, polyphenols, iodine, selenium + very poor Gut Microbiom etc. Better they should read this book: Food to fight Cancer by a biochemist cancer researcher, Richard Beliveau. All carnivores r aging fast and on the way of Colon cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate cancer etc. Plus, egg whites have Avidin which blocks Biotin & Iodine so too much whites cause hairloss / hypothyroid. Good luck Dr Berry.

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