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  2. Great job from Paul, but, I had trouble finding the flow with the un-synched music and time countdowns… could just have Paul's voice on this one 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Wow, wow wow I have been using Paul videos for spinning for a few years, and the results are just amazing..I have been living in NY for past 20 years originally form Colombia, Work next to Peloton  studio, no need to spend thousands of dollars when we have Paul, amazing instructor amazing skill, his tracks match anyone's needs, my transformation have been amazing since I started doing spinning with Paul, Paul have change my life completely, I hope one day I can come to your studio. amazing team too. Love the whole set up.. CONGRATULATIONS TO APUL AND TEAM FOR SUCK A HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!!!!!!

  4. Me encanta Pauls su musica a todo dar…los britanicos No saben disfrutar la vida, son aburridos, egolatras y muy frios!!! Pero Paul hace mis tardes de spinning una delicia…que bueno que estas en esta red…HAy otros, despues de leer comentarios tras comentarios, y se quejan de la musica, claro son ABURRIDOS britanicos que no saben disfrutar la vida como los latinos..que bueno que somos diferentes, claro con muy contadas excepciones..Sigue Paul, no le pares a los que te critican siempre hay los envidios!!

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