1. Just in case I should also say that of course you need to balance fasting with eating – You need to survive off of something. I have been doing intermittent fasting the past year (22 hours fasted, 2 hours eating – you can widen it to 16/8, which still provides great benefits) and will fast for a couple days every other month or so. Several other people have recommend a routine like this – Tim Ferriss recommends doing a 3 day fast once per month and a 7 day fast once per year.

  2. Using the fasting strategy to quit smoking worked very well for me. It worked the same too, where I'd get hungry and it would soon pass, same as wanting to go smoke but I would resist and it would soon pass.

  3. I suppose that is exactly why I wake up hungry if I eat right before going to bed, opposed to waking up not hungry when I don't eat before bedtime. Amazing! I've wondered for years why this happened.

  4. The problem is I love fasting but because you're not taking in protein if I workout extremely hard twice a week and I try to eat as few times as possible I feel like my muscles aren't going to recover enough

  5. What is the point in even citing a study on caloric restrictions that is 80 years old when there have been numerous studies done recently? One must ask themselves why this was done

  6. People who have been lost for four or more days that had access to water, many of them were found dead. Many studies show you will die if you do not eat for four or more days. What the makers of this video are not stating is that the definition of fasting to which the people in this video are referring is extremely light eating days, water, carrots, celery sticks and the like. Unless you have considerable body fat and you go more than four days without eating, your bowels will turn on you and attempt to devour themselves, which causes EXTREME pain. Do not listen to these clowns. Fasting for 24 to even 48 hours can be safe. Anything more than that puts you at ever increasing and fatal risks.

  7. Can I fast if I'm skinny? I have thyroid issues and weigh 99lbs. I was thinking of fasting 2 days a week and eating 2 meals a day for the other days ( I don't like breakfast ). And what is the difference between long term fasting and anorexia?

  8. honestly i came here for a yes or no answer not the history of fasting. putting your self in a calroic deficite . does it work or not thats all i want to know , this is one of the most useless videos out there

  9. So I quess people from the past, who lived and died during famine times just didn’t knew how lucky they were to have the chance to be fasting and how beneficial the fasting was for their health. What a waste, they didn’t knew about ketosis and the benefits of not eating anything at all for a long time.

  10. It’s not rocket science, go on 16/8 and lose weight, I have abs now, first time in 40 years. Stop stuffing your face with crap, take care of your brand.

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