1. I didn't think I'd be able to do that rolling stand-up one, but I gave it a solid effort on the third rep and totally got it. Hooray! Haha. More PIIT videos please!!

  2. WOW CASSIE!!! This is the hardest workout I have done this year, I'm absolutely wrecked😂😂 I had to have longer breaks between the circles, but I'm super proud of myself for finishing this workout🔥🔥

  3. Honestly I was ready to give up after one round but I somehow pushed through and completed the entire routine! So proud of my myself for this one

  4. I cursed at you so much, more than I should have had – sorry!!! I almost cried and I never cry during my workouts, I just endure the pain haha. I am glistening with sweat. I hated it! I LOATHED it. I also loved it (I think!?).

    But as always, thank you Cassey for encouraging us and still being fun, positive and energetic.

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