1. Thanks for a great work out – it really got my heart going! I had to modify some of them a little more just because I'm always nervous about my downstairs neighbors complaining (plus I just don't want to bother them). But even going for low impact I still got high intensity!

  2. Sometimes I think that these workouts are too easy… Until I get out of my chair & participate in the exercise. Those reminders of how we'll feel after it's over are so helpful, thank you.

  3. Practice this workout several times. Now it's getting much easier on me. Really like the way you motivate us. "Remember this feeling!"

  4. My legs won’t know how to walk tomorrow ???????? After two weeks of taking it easier on the workouts to focus on studying and working out just 2-3 days a week, doing this workout was no joke. I had to take way more breaks than usual because my lungs couldn’t keep up with my motivation but I finished this in a puddle of sweat and accomplishment ✌️This workout was super fun and definitely a leg and lung burner. Proud to say that #FBAbs2 Day 22 is complete! 29.05.19

  5. Day 47. I felt sluggish and exhausted today, didn’t feel like working out at all. It probably wasn’t the best idea to do this after yesterday’s leg day, but hey, I got through. I wanted to do some Pilates as well, but I’m calling it a day.

  6. Now in my 5th month of adding HIT to my fitness workout at home via Fitness Blender. Adding weights is something I probably won't do since I already use weights on other days. Ok – this is a hard workout, I do it all, and I'm age 61 – a girl. Thanks, guys, for the great workouts!

  7. i would ratethis a 3.5! been doing your hour long workouts and i think youve guys created a monster lmaaaooo now i need harder workouts! but tis was amazing! thank you so much for everything you do! lots of love

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