1. so I did this exercise just now and I managed to complete the whole thing which I’m rlly proud of :”) I actually found it rlly enjoyable and I’d definitely do it again! Thank u!!

  2. Day 1: Did the exercise for the first quarter… stopped after than I just watched the rest of the video while sweating profusely and trying to catch my breath. Hope tomorrow will be much better than. Cos I really want to lose those extra kilos. Wish me luck guys.

  3. Day 70! I’ve been waking up everyday day of this week telling myself I’m too tired to exercise but I somehow find time to workout and end up feeling 1000x better. Thanks Kelli, love working out with you

  4. I like Kelly, it seems that is easier when she does the workourt with the partner voice of the guy who helps to lead the exercises in the "Fat Burning Cardio Workout 37 Fitness" But both routines are good. Thank you for doing this.

  5. Just finished this workout with quite a few pauses ???? This workout really challenged me. On the scale from 1 to 5? 10… ???? Feeling great!! Workout COMPLETE!

  6. Today was my 1st day..and i finished!! I FINISHED!! took me 50 minutes but I did it.. thank you for listening to my rant .. now I'm going to go and die
    Update!!!! As of today I'm 5 kgs lighter????????????????

  7. This was definitely a 5 for me. My first time doing this workout was 2/3days ago and I didn’t complete it, I did a little more than half the 1st day then finished the following day. BUT! TODAY! I completed the whole video with plenty of breaks in between lol yay me! And yay to everyone else who struggled like heck just to hear WORKOUT COMPLETE!

  8. Day 44. I used to do this workout two years ago and I remember it as one of the harder ones. So to do it now meant I had to overcome a lot of fear. I took a lot of breaks but worked up quite a sweat.
    Reminder to myself to always stretch after a workout.

  9. I don’t usually leave any comments. But this time I would really like to congratulate you on this workouts. It’s so contorting to see a normal human being o the screen. It’s so nice to know that you are suffering too and that if you can do it so can I. Most of the time I just feel like: “It’s easy for her to say” but this time I know it essentially easy for you so the reward is much bigger. Thank you very much for this amazing workouts. Keep going.

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