1. When u have so much money and so much time on hands, with professional gyms and personal trainers , with diet programmes and diet camps abroad,,,,,,,,trust me anybody's even grandpa can do this ,,,,,please don't make these kinds of hypes in the ordinary people's lives, they have other things to worry about , then just being led astray because of the aura and matrix like artificial and non realistic world made by people like actors. Wakeup, get up and see the real world and fight with that, get impressed with ur OWN confidence and hardwork of pulling yourself through this harsh world, BE YOUR OWN HERO, AND BE A SURVIVOR

  2. Amir khan filmun k liy to itna kuch karty ho kabhi Allah ko khush karny k liy b thori so mahnat ki ha kabhi namaz k liy b waqt nikala ha kash mera ya masg aamir khan tak pohnch jay aur WO namaz ki pabandi karny laghy

  3. I started calorie deficit on 13th of June 2019 and yesterday after the end of almost one month, I have lost 6KG of body weight. Last month before calorie deficit I weighted 77 Kg and now after one month I weight 70.9 KG. If anyone wants to ask anything regarding my diet and meal plans, feel free to ask.

  4. For 5 months transformarion there are lot of effort, determanation, willpower and of course money there…
    – Hire the trainers
    – Food (realfood)
    – Supplement (whey protein, fat burner, amino etc)
    – Gym club

    How much did he spend on these things ?

    U can't transform like he did in 5 months if u dont have money…

  5. When you know that the movie is going to fetch you Rs 100 crore, you are obviously going to get motivated. Even 0.001% of this amount is enough to motivate common man to take this type of challenge.

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