1. Ive started this today. Ive saved it a year back when i tried this 4 5 times n got exhausted. Now starting over again seems tough as i gained more weight post delivery. My body is so heavy n cant do all exercises bt still reached the end n heart beat got higher.
    Want to ask u does faster heart beat mean im losing weight or i can lose weight? Need some guidance.

  2. Thanks you very much!!! ☺️☺️ It's going to be a month in a week I m following your routine daily and I can see drastic change in my body . I lost inches and I feel much stronger n fit than before. You are best . Stay blessed lady . 😘😘

  3. I do this exercise everyday but i couldn't complete exercise after 6 minute..i don't know why.i m trying very hard to complete this exercise but i get pain in my legs…what should i do to complete this exercise…

  4. I am a skinny person. I do this workout from the past one week. I have one doubt that, with a proper diet is this exercise help me to gain weight .. hope you respond to this message. Stay blessed. Thank u

  5. This workout is so much helping me to lose weight. I can absolutely see the changes within a week. I just want to know whether i need to keep a day off in a week for this workout? And if yes how will it help me?

  6. Im 12 years old and I know that might sound young to start doing hardcore workouts but I really want to grow up being fit and healthy so when I’m older it’s easier for me to eat healthy and motivate myself to excerise. Luckily I got all the way through this video but did take some breaks to drink water and breathe. I found the plank hardest, this was my first time doing this and I plan to repeat this everyday! Thankyou for making this video and inspiring me and others to be healthy you’ve earned a new subscriber

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