1. Let's just say I wouldn't be opposed to Najla Gilliam making an hour-long youtube video of her improvising – this woman, person, dancer, (is she even human?) has the most peculiar, captivating movement I have ever seen. OBSESSED. Thanks Galen for introducing this talent to us!

  2. I would never try to disrespect or discredit someones art, hard work or passion.. in fact these dancers are all FREESTYLING and making us think its choreo. They are out of this world amazing. But I have to ask, from a professional and overall standpoint… (and i dance too so i can understand how difficult it is to perform nonetheless freestyle)

    But how did Najla Gilliam not win that? I just want a simple explanation. She literally paved the way for the next dancers by STICKING to the concept (the others not only emulated her version of the theme but didnt execute it nearly as well as she did). Her emotion was raw, technique flawless, pictures on another level, footwork so clean and musicality as a cherry on top!… so many layers to her performance I could watch it 100 times and find something new. The point of art is to make us feel something. In return, Najla became the full representation/interpretation of the song she was given and made us FEEL!


    Much love and respects to all the dancers, I truly learned and had a crazy good time watching yall. Thank you!

  3. Yessssss the second girl portrayed the two personalities the best! The first girl I couldn't see the first split and I wasn't feeling the guy much tbh. Maybe it was the song choice?

  4. Congratulations to all the dancers, judges, spectators, and GALEN! Galen, you created such a cool, inspiring, and fun event. I hope that events like this start to happen more often and in more places, because this type of experience can help heal our society. Thank you, Galen!

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