1. We all need to start sharing his videos. It's so not fair that a video with this kind of quality and authenticity isn't being seen around the world. This is him telling stories with gyming. I love this bro. God bless you.

  2. Im a 38 yr old newbie slim dude. Im enjoying your vids but im not sure how to work my chest without triceps if im working triceps and biceps on another day..

  3. Hey, man! I subbed not too long ago but I am now ready to workout!!! I am 6'7" 286lbs(not muscle) is there any modifications I should make being that I am taller? And I've noticed that I don't make gains like others that workout around me. I guess I am just asking for some feedback and advice on the matter. Thanks!!!

  4. Dear sir, I'm a beginner, tell me one think that is it necessary to perform both excersises for triceps or biceps in one day….or I do it separately….plz help

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