1. Is this suppose to bee hurting my back? i feel like I'm doing all the exercises wrong, I'm not really feeling it in my glutes but my legs shake. help!!

  2. Ok guys before you guys read this check out my two workout playlist and you guys can ask me questions about the two workout playlist.

    Day:1 during the workout my but was burning and it’s not really hurting right now but I did two rounds of the workout.

    P.S I do this workout only on Saturday so your gonna have to wait next Saturday.

  3. Shoutout for my dog for continuously supporting me through this routine. When he wasn't trying to follow what I was doing, he licked my hands or my face. <3

  4. I’m new at fitness and just wondering what can of diet should I do to help with these kind of exercises or what to stay away from. I know a little bit about eating clean and eating lean meats to grow muscles and stuff. Thanks! 😊

  5. I just found ur channel ond oh my gosh its the first workout for my 🍑 where i can really feel it and not in my thights🙄❤

    I just did the whole video and my 🍑 feels so good!!🥵😍
    TY SO MUCH!!!

  6. Hey there, I'm fairly new to this and I have a question! I'm trying to build the booty, shrink the waist, and gain more of that hourglass shape. What should my weekly routine look like? I'm currently doing this video every other day with ankle weights. What other types of workouts should I do on the in between days? Sorry, just looking for some advice! I just had 2 kids and I really want to get back into shape.. 🙂

  7. Def do not want to do this whole thing more than once, but let's get real, I'd do anything to get a butt like yours. Trusting you and going for round 2! Thank you!

  8. I've just done this workout for the first time and with weights and I'm literally dying now 😭 I'm going to them at home when I don't go to the gym. Thank you so much Chloe you're really amazing and cuteee. 💕

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