1. Hy plz help me . I want to loose my w8 and inches from body my lower inches are very vry large its 44 plz tell me wht i do ? My body is pear shape bt i want to loose it. Plz plz baba ji blss u plz tell me

  2. #LUCYGENIUS  What you say about the mind is SO TRUE. I was doing great, following your workouts, didn't feel depressed, then I had a couple of really bad menstrual periods that drained my energy. The more tired I got, the worse my diet became. I got out of routine, stopped working out and guess what – the depression came back ????. Today I started again with this workout. I did the moves on the left because that was MY best. I am determined to keep going. Thank you Lucy. You are such a kind, generous and wise soul.  ????❤????✔

  3. Hi Lucy, thanks for all the good videos. I have been following them for last 6 months along with watching my calorie intake, and have lost 12kgs. Please let us know how many calories the routine burns for all your routines. Thanks

  4. Hai Lucy.
    Happy newyear.

    I love your workouts. But i have a question.
    What is better?
    If i do the workouts in the morning, it is easy for me to do.
    But in the afternoon, or earley evening it is harder for me.

    What do you think is more effective?
    I think the harder one, but is that so?

    Love Petra

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