1. Say, Sanjay, what is your story re the exposure of CNN as part of the CIA's farm system, an evil agency engaged in treason, trafficking, and all manner of crime: CNN = CIA = Mafia? Are you a CIA officer? Are you an innocent bystander? A CIA asset? An honest country doctor? A Neoliberal, Globalist shill? Are you fake news? I would really love to know. So, who is true, Sanjay? That's easy: Sunrae! 'Tis she: Tulsi 2020!

  2. Dr Oz THE benefits from cbd is not 100 procent beneficial it is 10 to 20 procent beneficial to medicinal cannabis why do we have a receptor in THE Brain only for THC that study has been done it is remarkabel why we have a receptor especisally only for THC you should look into this becouse cbd is a scam! To all tobacco smokers IF you wanr to quit smoking and have smoking crave i personally tried i know IF you smoke 2 packs a Day if you smoke medicinal cannabis you cant exceed more than a couple in a Day becouse you are full of what you crave and you Will start to feel health!

  3. doctors are trying to manufacture side effects you going to try to make up as much trash as they can FDA Amaeven the DEA will they will all lose a lot of money from this particular product Iyou think they don't lie and steal you are very sadly mistaken

  4. I recently suffered from a horrible anxiety attack that lasted 4 days. I stopped smoking THC and was going through severe withdrawals with the worst panic attacks. Never have I felt like that in my life. I bought CBD to relieve the anxiety and holy crap it helped so much.

  5. Its amazing how illusion takes control of an emotionally out of control society. Does science accurately tell us what is an emotionally created illness in a society that ignores its feeling and represses emotional trauma only to subconsciously be influenced to ignore reality and be blind to people like them when they were vulnerable? Ultimately developing emotional- physical illnesses which scientists have trouble explaining? Theres a gap…but 2 things lead to the gap…emotionally ignorant and damaging societies have more cancer ,obesity and emotional issues. Scientists find in these societies new illnesses are born which have no source…maybe..the mental is strong enough to make us hurt in a similar way when we suffer the same cultural flaws. Sensitive parts of the body or areas which are neurologically associated, such as places with more wear and tear. Do people blinded by emotions that which twist their own perception of what they feel is good for them,( i.e.abusive relationships) or reality, have ability to notice DESTRUCTION? Also look at which races and ethnicities or cultures turn to these drugs which have proven to lower standards.

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