1. Thank you Thank you.
    I can eat and NOT EXERCISE and eat plant based food, but I am no where near where you and your husband are at.
    I am 136.7kgs (300lbs) approximately.
    I am type 11 diabetic since August 2018 it was a Shock to me. I am also wheat and gluten intolerant. Vegetarian.
    But I'm eating junk as well as alcohol with fruit juice and frozen fruit, instead of ice cubes. I'm talking to much so I'll stop here. Thank you for sharing your weightlioss journey. XOXOXO

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss, and thanks for the perspective. I'm working on improving my diet, as well, although not quite ready to give up animal protein just yet. But just getting away from snack foods altogether, and cooking at home with fresh ingredients that I control, and including more fruits and veggies instead of just cheese and meat more often is helping.

  3. I'm overweight and I have tried to lose weight for a long time but never stuck to it I just didn't have the will power but now I'm vegetation and have lost 3 pounds in the short time of being vegetation my food is plant based I still have dairy sometimes mainly cheese and yogurt my goal is to be 110 pounds

  4. I just LOVE your transparency!!! Your so funny 😆 and have calming voice. I’m so very thankful that I stumbled across your channel. You both are helping people in ways words can’t explain. Thank you for your transparency and for helping me change my life. God bless you both.

  5. SO glad I found you guys! I’ve known about whole food plant based eating for a while now but I’ve had a difficult time transitioning over. You two are inspiring as I have at least 100lbs to lose.

  6. Thank you so much. I so badly needed this. I used to feel so bad about myself for cutting calories and then eating them all back because of “lack of willpower.” a calorie is not a calorie

  7. Hi I love your videos! Did either of you have issues with extra skin? Or have any surgeries after losing such large amounts of weight? If you don't mind sharing.. Thank you..

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