1. YO Mr Weston I really like your channel and ive been watching your vids for months. I have one question: Im currently fit right now( not fat and not skinny) im 17 and i have stretch marks on my shoulders and my waist. If i try to gain muscle are my stretch marks gonna get worse?

  2. hate people that train on benches with no towel. so many times i go up to a bench only to find it splattered with someone elses sweat – so what – I gotta wipe it off with my towel ? How about do a gym etiquette vid

  3. Thanks for the video Weston 🙂 Quick question. Do you taper your carbs throughout the day? i.e. high carb before training and low in the evening? I'm 6ft 1 190lbs at the moment. Want to get to 195lbs whilst maintaining a reasonable level of bodyfat i.e. no spare tyre! thanks bro

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