1. Why does Jay stand on stuff to appear taller? I see it in here and also standing on two plates in the Mike Ohearn video. He is a legend and looks great still. We are all stuck with our skeletons. I'd have to weigh like 380 to get his proportions!

  2. love Jay's answer! the kid asks "How about for people having problems breaking through weight plateaus?" Jay replies "That's kind of an odd question because we're bodybuilders and we're not really focused on how much weight were lifting." I always tell guys at the gym not to worry about how much they're benching just do the work and you will grow.

  3. I don't know what you think but I have the impression that at the bench press, the guy was not taking the bar low enough. he stopped half way to go up again… That's just my impression. Less heavy but better movements will lead to better progress….

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