1. Being self-obsessed is half the battle. Most gym guys with a half decent body are. I try not to be but it takes over you. It makes you very unlikeable to 'normal' people who don't get it.

  2. So I am at "very" low body fat, but I dont have abs…
    And I train nearly every day for about 3 months now
    I also, obviously, dont eat sweats or fast food. Well maybe once every 2 weeks…
    But I dont see any progress…
    Is training daily bad for your muscles?
    Or do I need to eat specifc stuff? (I eat some meat and eggs and noodles/potatoes)
    Thanks a lot for the video, it was very imformativ but as I have around 6-7% of body fat thats not realy my issue in getting abs.
    Also for all the guys who want abs in summer, I would adivce to start after christmas because then you have enough time to get there in summer and also enought time to fail your training routin, which can happen if your new to it. Wish you all the best of luck.

  3. This was actually a great video. When I first did the math I really underestimated how much fat was actually on my body. Now I have a fairly accurate measure of my body composition. Thanks Igor

  4. I always bee a skinny guy but I’m fit I have muscle definition everywhere I’m actually trying to bulk up and have 20% body fat on abs don’t like being too ripped girls like that lol I used to be at 10% or lower at one point it’s was scary but felt good girls said I was sexy af kinda wish I was fat to work out and lose fat and look bigger

  5. How is everyone calculating? With my plastic calipers at 3 points, my readings are so much lower than his % he shows here. I'm pretty short though but with only slightly smaller proportions.

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