1. hey I'm 15 i weigh it 100Ibs and im having trouble gaining weight obviously but i have considered either doing apetamin or protein shakes and i wanna know which 1 gives faster resuIts

  2. yay! i live in puerto rico (: i am a very picky eater and i rlly hate that, but im trying to change that! im cuban, puerto rican and dominican republic so i LOVEE mangu. thank u for this video and recommending lifesum💞

  3. Your hair on your right side had me thinking your behind a green screen how your hair make ur hand shape in the beginning of the vid😭😁love the video babe❤

  4. I’m 16 and 88lb and there’s only certain foods I’d eat n a lot of the time I don’t eat breakfast tbh I rarely do n I don’t get the time anyway. I’d gone thru phases where I rlly thought I’d gained since I was at 41.2kg but when I got it checked I was 40 kg so I’m just losing weight and can’t even maintain it

  5. my problem is is that whenever I get food for the week I finish it fast and my mom only lets us spend 25$ dollars for food for the week and imma a fatty so I needa spend more than that

  6. Omg you look so great! I love your videos! You give very helpful tips and you say so kind words 🙂
    Where is the red dress from? I fell in love with the dress ^^ Can you put the link from the red dress somewhere pls? I looked everywhere but i couldn't find…

  7. It's hard for me to eat a lot because I have a big family and everything goes… food disappears fast, and my whole family eats unhealthy so It's hard to get healthy things when everyone eats unhealthy and I have no choice but to eat it because it's dinner. I have 5 siblings ( 8 people in my family )

  8. Hello, I came across your channel yesterday and I love your weight gain videos! I have 3 kids and down to 110 lbs. Today I’ll start applying your tips to my everyday life. Hope it helps! My goal is to get to 130. I try to go to the gym and lift but sometimes other obstacles get in the way and I can’t go as often. I’ll try the app too. Thank you!

  9. Girls if you want to gain weight. I found two ways : 1) Mix Nutella, a dairy juice (a juice mixed with milk and whatever fruit), banana and oatmeal (whatever measurements you want). Mix all of them and eat two bowls per day.
    2) Eat lots of pasta. Pasta. With a lot of cheese. That will really get you fat. But stay active because it will make your ass fatter but also increase your bellyfat.
    But this made me thicker.

  10. This video was so motivating to me 😭💖 because I recently lost my weight that I gained I was 113 and dropped to 100 🤧😒 due to stress and losing my grandma but I’m trying to gain again, I gained thru working out and eating I just need to be consistent so I can look as healthy as you 💖🥰💯

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