1. How long should we rest after each set of repetitions ? For example i do 6 pull ups then how long should i rest before the next set ?
    Sorry for the bad english

  2. Great video as always, your channel will grow. Keep it up.
    I recommend adding in some quiet music throughout the video and you can increase the volume when performing demonstrations with no explanation included.
    Very motivating stuff. Looking forward to more videos! xD

  3. Hey guys Im really your fan this monday Im going to going a calisthenic gym because I read allí your blog and I loved it, you are great YTs and a great family ❤️

  4. Hey calisthenics family
    I’m about to post a body transformation on my channel is it okay if I shout you out for all your help your channel has given me

  5. Video at the right time for me! I can now only do 6-7 pull-ups maximum after two months of calisthenics training but these tips will sure help me increase my max reps!

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