1. Thank you so much for the tips, i feel like you have explained everything so well, i just started running a week ago, i also watched your running properly video gave me lots of tips thank you!

  2. Using the “fetching tuti space” (Google it) as my weight reduction guide has enabled me to shed 17 pounds. I cannot advise this program enough if you are willing to commit to changing your lifestyle with the result of healthy weight loss. It really is rewarding for me to observe some of the fat being removed from my body..

  3. Boring, redundant, common sense advice that we have all heard before. I guess u have to be a female or gay to make it all the way thru his boring videos

  4. I have to say that Matt's videos are awesome!! I started running about a month and a half ago and I noticed changes in my body. I also eat smaller meals as well and could not believe the difference. My energy levels has gone up significantly and even people around me notice all the changes.

  5. Really good and informative video. Problem is I keep needing the toilet as a result of drinking this amount of water. Not possible to always go to toilet….. work shift etc

  6. Bro, I'm 16 and wanting to learn to run, right? I made the personal choice to go vegan 14 months ago. Wanting to learn to run, I YouTubed "How to Run" and up comes a fellow vegan Australian. Respect to you mi amigo. Keep up the great work mate! 😉

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