1. That Hyphy burrito was bomb.Thanks man.I'm 6 ft 320 and stopped everything to just start building my body.I smoked cigs and quit,buffets of bad food,stopped.I'm ready to just go hard.Thank you and keep doing it man.

  2. Kali are you aware of Jason Blahas cowardly dishonest past which has been exposed all over the internet? He is completely delusional and repeatedly said he was a mercenary and that he killed armed men all of which was later exposed as lies . Please check out exposed tv which is a channel exposing this hateful and dangerous liar. The most important video to watch on this channel is "40 years of delusion" . With your massive following I think you addressing Blahas crazy lies will greatly help to bring down this negative energy spreading piece of shit. Also I think your story is amazing and inspiring no matter what anyone says . I nearly went down the wrong path myself as a lot of my friends from back in the day did unfortunately. Thanks Kali keep up the great work and positive motivation . Respect to you from Dublin , Ireland. Billy

    Bop bop bop

  3. Low sodium, healthy diet or we'll never look like you? Didn't Kali Muscle get to looking the way he did by eating nothing but tuna and Top Raman with 10,000 mg's of sodium per day, all the years he was in prison?

  4. kali, you eat like shit. get off your soap box and stop preaching about eating “chicken, fish, and little fruit” do some research for yourself and look into plant based diets before you start spreading this message of eating “clean”

    also, don’t you eat fucking instant ramen with mayonnaise and drink pepsi regularly?

  5. musta been some real dumb-asses on the live feed. Kept asking the same questions and making stupid comments. Kali musta been like "WTF?!!!"

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