1. I have hypo thyroid but been on the diet 8 days I had no sugar which is a miracle for me.I have followed faithfully.I got off my vegan diet of 2 years becaz i can't have beans an some leafy greens.So now i can't do Keto..Why?.I always been small but gain 12 lbs from thyroid issues.I hate being the least overweight Im sixty an my parents died at 60 an 61.Trying to take care of myself.Keto was just going to be a quick weight loss cause i do not care for meat esp on a daily basics .The salmon i fixed was awesome.

  2. Hi versatile Vicky.. I really love your plans they are so flexible with products and meals… There's nothing wrong in saying that one can blindly follow your diet plans which ever suits… I totally rely on your plans, thank you so much for all your hardwork pls keep doing this… I just have problem with my arms, I have little fat arms. I do try to reduce but I end up with no results.. So I request you to pls tell me some exercise or some diet you think can work.. Or pls do a video on this issue.. Pls pls pls 😊

  3. Mam by following dis keto non-vegetarian diet for 1 month can i shuffle between both like veg n nonveg both….plss reply me mam….dis is not a waste typenof question i really need ur ans to start my diet i beg u mam plsss…….

  4. Why it's not good for people suffering with hypothyroidism..I'm patient of hypothyroidism,I tried it suits me…is their any long term disadvantage..please reply with detailed answer.thanks

  5. Ketogenic diet changed my life. I lost 8kgs a month without any exercise with a refeed at 21st day. I attended many social gatherings without hesitation as i could take all non veg dishes but without roti/rice yet filled my tummy. Thanks vicky

  6. I m uncertain about the quantity to be taken. Like how much palak chicken we need to take during lunch or dinner time. Could you please elaborate the quantity.

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